Arie Trouw

2000 - Present

San Diego, California

Having taken a position in La Jolla, CA, a move to San Diego was natural. Initially moving to Encinitas, but also going to Fallbrook, La Jolla, Mission Hills, and now Downtown San Diego.

He currently lives in Downtown San Diego with his wife Anne. His daughters, Jordan and Elise, also live in the San Diego area.

1997 - 2000

Orange County, California

In 1997, Arie with his wife Anne relocated to Southern California. Two months after arrival, they welcomed their first daughter, Jordan, into the world.

In 1999, they welcomed their second daughter, Elise.

Both daughters were born in Newport Beach, CA

1992 - 1997

Long Island, New York

Arie moved to New York to attend the New York Institue of Technology from which he graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Fine Arts. Two years after graduation, he met Anne Bruchhauser and who he married in 1996.

1990 - 1991

New York, New York

Arie moved to New York to attend the New York Institue of Technology. He only lived in the city for a little more than a year until his sister Estha left NYC to pursue her broadcast career and in turn making the cost of NYC too high for Arie.

1988 - 1989

Cincinnati, Ohio

With a 2.7 GPA but a nearly perfect SAT math score, Arie got acceptance at University of Cincinnati.

It is possible that Arie did more homework for other people than for himself. This cut his run at UC short.

1976 - 1988

Cleveland, Ohio

After a weekend in NYC where young Arie did throw up in cab, and ordered Marmite Toast in Afrikaans at a diner (he did not get the Marmite part of the order), his family flew to Cleveland where their new lives waited.

Having left an affluent life in South Africa along with all their belongings except about $5000 worth of cash and household goods, he stayed at the Huron Road Hospital hostles while the family looked for a more permanent place to stay.

Mayfield Village then Highland Heights and then Mayfield Heights was the path, all within the Mayfield School District where Arie attended and eventually graduated. There was a short stop (grades 7-9) at University School where a couple of white hat hacking incidents resulted in him returning to Mayfield High School.

He was the last person to walk at graduation, even though alphabetically 'T' does not come at the end. This was one last act of defiance brought on by missing the rehersal.

1969 - 1976

Pretoria, South Africa

Birth and early life in South Africa, Arie did go to school barefoot and collected Silk Worms. He lived breifly in Johannesburg, but returned to Pretoria before moving to the United States when there were some complications with parental employment and visas.

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